September 2019

28-29: IHFA ROMAFIT Convention by Luciano Mottola, Rome

Oktober 2019

17: Aero teamteach, 19.50 at Snowworld Healthclub by Maaike Parrel (Fitchick2punt0) and Janneke Bakker

26: Special Step Team Teach, 11.00 at Snowworld Healthclub with Ulrick Koumetio and Janneke Bakker. Not a member? Get your daypasses at the website.

November 2019

9-10: Dance4You Potsdam, Germany: BUY TICKET HERE

16: Convention Osnamotion, Ösnabruck, Germany: BUY TICKET HERE

23: Fitfair Jaarbeurs, Utrecht: BUY TICKET HERE: 16,15 Aerodance for All by Janneke Bakker

December 2019

26: Christmas Special SnowWorld Healthclub

February / march 2020

28-1: Tribe Convention by Gil Lopes, Rome, Italy: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

March 2020

8: Happy Conventions Freestyle Event, Olympos, Utrecht

March / april 2020

22, 29, 5: Step Master Education powered by AALO Opleidingen

May 2020

10: YouCanFitness, Rome, by Michele de Sica and Valentina Conti, GLP

June 2020

1: Pinksterevent

11-14: Fitnestate by Gil Lopes, Monopoli, Italy. Click HERE for more info.

August 2020

24-30: Summerfit Holidays by Giorgos Chatzimichail, Greece. Click HERE for more info.